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Booking Info for Tattoo Appointments
Please Read!

There are 3 ways you can reach out to book:


- Sending a DM to @racheljfriel on Instagram


- Sending an email to


- Sending a text to (267) 388-0611




To set up an appointment I need the following info:

- Your design idea (a short description of what you want your tattoo to include)


- All relevant reference photos of what you are looking for in the design (example: if you have a specific pose for an animal)


- A photo of where on your body you would like the design with the approximate size circled (it also helps me to know the rough dimensions in inches)


- Let me know your availability out of Tues-Fri (These are the days that I work)


- You must be 18+ years old to book an appointment

Example booking submission:

"Hi my name is Client and I would like a design of my pet leopard gecko on my right forearm, around 8" tall. I would like him to be smiling like in this picture of him and sitting on a monstera leaf. Thursdays work best for me."


















After you submit your booking request:


- I will respond within a few days with a price estimate (this does not include tax) for your design and a date that aligns with the availability you provided

- If the date/time works then we will proceed to secure the date with a deposit

- Deposits are non-refundable and go towards the final cost of your tattoo

- Keep in mind that dates are not held without deposits and they must be sent within 24 hours of receiving the deposit info to reserve your appointment time.





The day of your appointment:

- Street parking is available both out front of the shop and the adjacent side street near the laundromat (please do not park at 7-eleven, they will tow cars)

- Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out our consent form and we will ask to see your ID

- For ID we accept driver's license, passport, and state-issued ID cards (it must include your birthdate and photo)

- You are encouraged to bring a beverage, snacks, phone charger, and anything that makes the experience more comfortable for you!

- Please do not bring multiple guests, we have a very small shop and it makes it difficult for our artists to work comfortably

- Payment will be at the end of the session and it can be handled either through credit/debit card or cash 

- I can't accept Venmo, Cashapp, etc because the payment gets split with the shop owner

- Before you leave we will discuss tattoo aftercare which is very important!





Tattoo Aftercare:


- These are products that I will recommend: 

Gentle antibacterial bar soap such as Dove, Dial, Jergens, etc - to clean your tattoo 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - thin layers of this ointment at least 4x a day

Aquaphor works but it can be a bit too thick and greasy for some skin types


Saniderm can be pricey but it's a good alternative to the ointment method of healing if you are prone to picking your scabs


Lubriderm and other unscented lotions for the later stages of the healing process

-Do NOT use neosporin, vaseline, or any similar products, or wrapping your tattoo in plastic wrap as aftercare as it will cause your tattoo to heal poorly 


Things to avoid:



-swimming pools, lakes, soaking in the tub

-picking or scratching the tattoo

-itchy, tight, or sweaty clothing 

-shaving over a healing tattoo

-touching it with unwashed hands

Cancelation Policy:

- As mentioned above, deposits are non-refundable


- If you need to reschedule your appointment please contact me immediately to let me know

- Late cancellations (less than 48 hours prior to appointment) require an additional deposit to reschedule

Tattoo FAQs:

Question- How do you price tattoos?

Answer- Instead of charging an hourly rate, I base my prices off the size and complexity of the design. This allows us both to take our time and focus on the art instead of worrying about how much time has elapsed.


Question- Can I see the drawing before the appointment?

Answer- I do not send any art prior to the appointment. If any adjustments need to be made to the design they can be made during the appointment.


Question- Can I work out right after I get tattooed?

Answer- Yes! As long as you are careful to keep it clean and not rub it against gym equipment.

Question- Should I eat before getting tattooed?

Answer- Yes! Eat a good meal and drink plenty of water before and after the session to ensure you won't get light-headed.


Question- What should I wear to my appointment?

Answer- Wear what makes you comfortable as long as I can easily access the tattoo area.


Question- How do tips work?

Answer- Tips are always very much appreciated and while amounts vary, the industry standard is around 20%

Question- I'm afraid of the pain, can I use numbing cream?

Answer- Numbing cream works great for an hour or two, but it won't last you through an all-day session. The choice is yours, just make sure you apply it 2 hours prior the appointment and wrap it real tight with plastic wrap to ensure it works!

Question- What are the more painful areas on the body?

Answer- More painful areas tend to be hands, feet, ribs, belly, back of the knee, inner bicep. Honestly though, don't let that deter you from getting the tattoo you really want!

Question- Do you do cover-up tattoos?

Answer- I don't normally take on cover-up projects but I'd still be happy to take a look at your tattoo and assess whether or not I would be capable of covering it for you.

Question- Do you work on projects outside of your style like American Traditional or full-color realism work?

Answer- No, I prefer to work in my style or close to it. I wouldn't want to work on a tattoo that my heart isn't 100% in it for both of our sake.


Question- Are there body parts you don't tattoo?

Answer- I don't feel comfortable tattooing genitals, faces, or fingers. There are other tattoo artists out there that are experienced with and happy to tattoo these areas.

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